Screen Wives
Husbandry LP

01. Introduction To Husbandry
02. Husbandry
03. Well Grooomed
04. Soft Lad
05. For Emma blahblahblahblahblah...
06. Stained In Love Divine
07. Desert Father / Acid Mother
08. Millions In Prizes
09. Divorchestra
10. Trashboat Deluxxe
11. Grandeur

After a scattering of digital and physical releases, Screen Wives are proud to present their first proper full-length LP “Husbandry”. Lyrically concerned with age old UKHC themes (e.g. coming out, HIV stigma, chemsex, homophobia in the provinces, lack of housing, desert-based out-of-body-experiences/cruising and most importantly, self-acceptance and big fat gay love), this is another refined platter of abrupt and wonky post-hardcore with heavy nods towards noise rock, emo and as always, a razor keen sense of hooky melody. The noisy bits are noisier and poppy bits are poppier, with a slight lean towards bleary eyed shoegaze. There’s even a duet, like what Barbra Streisand or Tony Bennett does.

Release date 13/01/17.